About our Candidate

MP Marilyn Gladu is a professional engineer by trade, having worked across local and global industry in various roles for over 30 years.  

First elected as the Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton in 2015, Marilyn was appointed as the Official Opposition Science Critic and Chair for the Status of Women Committee just weeks into the 42nd Parliament. 

In 2016, Marilyn received the MacLean’s award as the “Most Collegial Parliamentarian”, voted by members of Parliament from all parties. She served as the Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Rail Caucus, in addition to the Vice-Chair of the Aerospace Caucus. She was able to use these roles to help champion the need for enhanced rail and other services across the SWO region. 

In September of 2017, Marilyn was named to the Official Opposition's Shadow Cabinet as the Shadow Minister of Health in addition to the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Health.  Marilyn also enjoyed her time as a founding member of the Parliamentary Outdoors Caucus. As one of the most respected leading members of the 42nd Parliament, Marilyn always worked cooperatively and respectfully with her parliamentary peers. She was also able to use her involvement in these roles to help bring issues in Sarnia-Lambton to the national spotlight.  This greatly helped while seeking federal funding for our own local priorities.

A special moment in Marilyn’s political career was when her private members bill on palliative care (C-277) received unanimous consent in the House of Commons and Senate. This legislation will help make a positive difference in the lives of millions of Canadians.  She was one of only 10 MP's from the 42nd Parliament to have private member's legislation gain Royal Assent to become law.    The St. Joseph's Hospice in Sarnia was a main source of inspiration behind her bill.  She also took a leading role in helping sponsor S-214, An Act to End Cosmetic Testing on Animals in the House of Commons.

In Sarnia-Lambton, Marilyn has worked with multiple levels of government, constituent groups and non-governmental organizations, as well as industry associations to achieve results for our community and country. She remains focused on creating economic opportunities, standing up for seniors, and working with other community leaders on priorities such as improving mental health supports, getting recovery help for those struggling with addictions, and making sure that funding initiatives locally were met with federal support.  By working cooperatively within the community Marilyn was able to help bring over 200 million dollars in funding to Sarnia-Lambton to support vital projects locally.

Marilyn has been honoured to represent Sarnia-Lambton since 2015 and looks forward to the opportunity to further ensure our community’s best interests are taken forward as strongly and capably as possible to Parliament in our Nation's Capital. 

If you would like to support Marilyn in the election campaign please let us know how you would like to help - Email with any questions; sign up for a lawn sign; volunteer on her campaign; or donate money by clicking HERE.